The Snugg Home Process

Audit Sign Up

Now that you’ve discovered our website, you can sign up for our program. We’ll ask you for some basic information about you and your home. We use this information to verify if your home is a good candidate for a home energy retrofit or solar installation. Some homes may be too new for additional insulation or new heating/cooling equipment to be cost-effective. We also want to be sure that you’re a good candidate for our financing options or are willing to make your home comfort investment with cash. Of course if there are major comfort concerns in your house, you may choose to pay for the improvements regardless of the actual savings on your utility bill.

Once you sign up on our website, we’ll connect you with a personal Energy Advisor who will guide you through the entire process. You’ll also gain access to your personal dashboard on our website that tracks your progress, and gives you access to alerts and tips on how to improve your living experience. The Energy Advisor will listen to your comfort and health & safety concerns, explain financing options, and help you schedule an energy audit. You can pay for the audit through our website via Paypal or by check at the time the auditor visits your home.

Audit & Retrofit Estimation

OptiMiser Audit Report

Audit Report Sample

We will send a BPI certified energy analyst to your house to perform a comprehensive energy audit and generate an official estimate and work order for improvements to your home. The auditor will check for any major health and safety issues, attempt to determine the cause of your stated comfort concerns, and find the culprits of energy loss in your home. You will receive a detailed energy audit report (see example) with a list of recommended improvements. This list will include items such as increased insulation, air sealing and weatherstripping, heating and cooling equipment upgrades, and window replacement, as well as simple lifestyle changes that can save you money. The auditor will upload this report to your personal dashboard on the Snugg Home website for you and other members of your household to review.

Next, the Energy Advisor will contact you and review your energy audit report, answer any questions, and help you customize an energy retrofit that fits your needs. You can view all of the recommended energy improvements and pick and choose from the list based on your needs and the resulting cash flow.

Retrofit Financing

After you have decided which improvements you would like to have performed, the Energy Advisor will help you choose the best financing options for your situation. It could be a home equity loan, a full mortgage refinance, or a simple unsecured loan from a credit card or Lending Club. The advisor will help you fill out the financing application as well as any rebate and tax credit forms. Our partner financing programs will take anywhere between 2 and 45 days for approval. Once the funds are issued, you can transfer them to our escrow account in order to start the project.

Once your financing is approved, the Energy Advisor will schedule the retrofit work to be performed by one of our BPI certified partner contractors. Your list of chosen improvements, installation details, and your preferred work schedule are sent to the contractor. The Energy Advisor coordinates the work schedule and is available to answer your questions or concerns while the work is being performed.

Immediately after the retrofit work is performed, the energy auditor returns to the home to perform a quality assurance and safety inspection. A worst-case depressurization test is performed to ensure combustion gas safety as well as a final blower door test and visual inspection of the work. If there are any problems, the contractor is immediately notified. After the quality assurance inspection passes and you are satisfied with the results, the escrow is informed and the contractor and auditor are paid for their work. The Energy Advisor follows up once again and ensures that you have filled out all of the proper forms for rebates (which arrive within 6-8 weeks) and tax credits, which are applied to your tax refund when you file your taxes.